Penomet Discount Information – Where and How to Get the Best Price

Currently, there are no coupon codes available, but there are discounts that you can obtain by purchasing the revolutionary penis enlargement device from the official website,

Current Discounts

You can save $42 when you purchase the Standard package. No coupon needed.

You can save $91 when you buy the Extra package. No coupon necessary.

You can save $160 when you purchase the Premium package. No coupon required.

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All of the above come with a money back guarantee (one, two and three years respectively), discreet billing and shipping, as well as a lifetime replacement warranty for the gaiter(s).

So, with all that being said, the place to get the best possible price and to purchase with peace of mind is the official Penomet website.

Key Benefits of Penomet

  • Visible results after first use (as little as 15 minutes)
  • Enjoy better sex and stronger, harder erections
  • Quickly gain inches in length and girth
  • Effectiveness proven by Italian scientists
  • Enhanced sexual and self-confidence
  • 60-day money back guarantee (can’t beat that!)
  • Lifetime replacement warranty for the gaiter piece

Men have been searching for years to develop a thicker, longer penis and harder erections, but have often come up empty-handed with a damaged ego or an injured penis from dangerous weights and pills. Luckily, the industry has become familiar with Penomet, as have you. Penomet is a vacuum penis pump penis enlargement device that is soaring in popularity thanks to its affordable price, safe use and effectiveness. Because of this, everyone wants to know where and how to get the best possible price on the Penomet device.

Penomet Gaiters – What Makes them Better?

Penomet offers five different gaiters to choose from and each of them are designed for different size penises. So, what makes the Penomet gaiters better than any other type of gaiter system for penis pumps on the market?

For starters, each of the Penomet gaiters were specifically designed to produce a different amount of pressure and ‘pull,’ which is essential to encourage penis growth. Another advantage of the Penomet gaiters is that they are simple to use and beginners, as well as more experience users, will have no trouble using them.

Different Forces

However, the key difference with the Penomet gaiters is that there are different levels that will produce variations in pressure. Most penis pumps only provide one gaiter or one setting, which limits the results and ends up taking much longer to achieve the same results that one would find with the Penomet hydro pump.

The Penomet gaiters that are available are:

  • Force 60

  • Force 65

  • Force 70 (which comes with the Penomet Standard)

  • Force 75

  • Force 80

As is clearly discernible, the force ratings are simple to understand; the higher the number, the more force that’s generated.

How do these Penomet Gaiters Work?

The Penomet hydro pump was designed with the basic notion that with the right level of force, the muscles in the penis will be forced to expand slightly, adding length and girth in a matter of days, not weeks or months. It was also important to the designers of the pump to minimize discomfort while encouraging maximum growth.

As more water is forced from the Penomet device, the penis is encouraged to expand. The gaiters used by Penomet ensure a balance of pressure between the water and hydro force, so that the penis will not be forced into unsafe pressure zones.

With conventional air pumps, the pressure is not maintained uniformly, so penis does not expand at the same rate as pressure in the pump would allow. Using Penomet gaiters and hydro system allows the penis to achieve maximum results with little discomfort. This allows the best results in shortest period of time.

You can graduate from one Penomet gaiter to the next until you achieve the size you want. When you’re ready to change your sex life and impress your partner with your added size and stamina, order the Penomet penis enlargement system today at

Where to Buy Penomet in Canada

If you’re a Canadian guy who has been searching for something to give you a boost in the bedroom, or to your confidence as a man, you’ve likely heard about Penomet.

Penomet has become one of the most well respected, and highly sought after, hydro penis pumps in the world.

You’ve read the marketing materials, you’ve read the information and user reviews and you want to be one of those men who enjoy increased length and girth, wow women in the bedroom, and stop feeling insecure when the lights goes out. So where can you get this amazing penis enlargement system?

It’s Not Available in Stores

You’ve searched a few stores and though you might be a bit shy about asking for Penomet directly, you haven’t seen any sign of it on shelves or in ads. That’s because it’s not available in retail stores. It’s only available for sale online, and only at the official website.

Why Isn’t It Available in Canada?

Penomet offers one of the most impressive guarantees than any other penis enlargement systems in the world. They offer a full, 60 days guarantee on their product so in order for them to ensure that you have access to that guarantee, they have decided to control where it is sold.

This guarantee is so good that if you are not satisfied with it for any reason within the first year, you can simply return it for a full refund. Only being able to purchase it from their official website is a small price to pay for that level of peace of mind.

Beware of Cheap Imitations

In Canada, as with other countries around the world, whenever you have a great product that customers love, you’re going to have cheap imitations. By only selling Penomet at their official website, the company also ensures that you get the original, true penis enlargement system.

If you live in Canada and you want to purchase the Penomet penis pump, visit and you’ll know you’ve got the original. You’ll also change your sex life forever!

Why Can’t I Buy Penomet on Amazon?

Why Can’t I Buy Penomet on Amazon?

If you found Penomet, the revolutionary penis enlargement system, and you decided to try and find it on Amazon, you’ve likely discovered that it’s not available there. You may have found a number of imitation products, but not the original. If you found an original, then it’s a secondhand product. Even if it’s never been opened, there’s a significant difference between the original Penomet penis hydro pump and a secondhand one.

The Guarantee

When you purchase the original Penomet penis pump from the direct source – the manufacturer’s official website – you will get not only the best product of its kind on the market, but you’ll also receive a 60 day money back guarantee.

This guarantee is not matched by any other manufacturer in the industry. However, if you manage to find a Penomet hydro pump for sale on Amazon, listing itself as new, you won’t actually be getting the guarantee.

Is it worth the investment? Maybe. But maybe not!

The truth is that thousands of men have already discovered the incredible and amazing results that they achieve using the Penomet hydro pump. The guarantee then seems almost unimportant.

So here’s what’s important: when you purchase a product online from another source other than the original, are you certain that what you’re getting is the original? Many unscrupulous dealers or individuals sellers will advertise a product they have as being a Penomet, when in fact it’s not.

Another consideration if you find a ‘Penomet’ product on Amazon, and if it’s being sold for less than the original, is why would someone sell a product for less than they purchased it?

The reality is that you may actually find an original Penomet penis pump on Amazon, but you should only buy it through the only website that officially sells it: You get the unsurpassed guarantee, but you also get peace of mind knowing that your effort will be rewarded with increased length, stamina, and sensation in bed.

Penomet is only officially sold through official Penomet website. That’s why you can’t buy it on Amazon.

Penomet vs. Bathmate – A Breakdown of the Best Penis Hydro Pumps

When it comes to male enhancement devices, every guy wants a product that will work for him, be comfortable and easy to use, and that will achieve results. The top two penis enlargement systems (penis pumps) on the market today are considered to be Bathmate and Penomet.

Determining which one is better can often come down to personal preference, so I decided to try both of these products myself, rather than trying to determine from ad copy and what other guys have said about them.

There are several factors that need to be considered when determining the best penis enlargement pump to choose. The first is cost. Next would be starting size (it depends on your current size to determine which pump is right for you). Then ease of use, style, and other concerns.

Let’s start with cost.

Cost Analysis

Bathmate makes a few different products at different price levels, so we’ll focus on the Hydromax x30 and Hercules.

If your budget is limited, then you’re probably going to be interested in the Bathmate Hercules model. The Hydromax x30 is actually a slightly better model, but it comes at a higher price. They are similar in most aspects, though the Hydromax will help you achieve better results overall.

The Penomet Premium is the most expensive of the three, but it’s also the complete package. This package includes 5 gaiters and three bottles of cleaning solution for the pump itself; not a bad deal. With the Penomet Premium, you won’t need another pump. Ever. So no matter how large you get, you’ll be fine with Penomet.

Advantage: depends on your budget, but bang for the buck, Penomet is the best deal for a lifetime.

Starting Size

It’s important to know your starting size to determine which pump is right for, especially if you’re a beginner. Beginners will experience the most growth quickly. If you already measure over 7 inches, then the Bathmate Goliath or Penomet Premium are the only two choices you should consider.

If you’re less than 7 inches, then any of the pumps will be fine, but remember that as you grow, if you choose the Bathmate Hercules or x30, for example, then once you are more than 7 inches, while you’ll fit in them, your growth will be significantly limited.

The Penomet Premium will be ideal for any size, all the way up to 12 inches in length.

Advantage: Penomet Premium

Ease of Use

While both brands of pumps are similar in the way you use them, there are subtle differences in how you use them. If you have to work harder to put the device on, fill it up, or any other factor, then you’re less apt to use it consistently, and that’s important for long term growth.

Both the Bathmate x30 and Penomet Premium are solid pumps and easy to fill up with water. They are so well designed that water rarely leaks from them, though it can happen if the seal isn’t tight.

When it comes to putting the pumps on, this is a matter of personal preference. I found both easy to use and comfortable, but I’ve read differing opinions about them from other users online. Some prefer the Bathmate style over the Penomet, and others who enjoyed the Penomet Premium.

To keep it on, this one is a draw as well since they are all designed to be hands free. It’s important to remain hard for as long as possible while using the pump. Not only does this help you achieve the best results, but it keeps the pump in place longer. Expect to use the pump for between 10 to 15 minutes each time, so it’s ideal for showers or even baths.

The Penomet is a heavier pump, so if you’re small or don’t have a lot of staying power, you may have some trouble with it at first. I emphasize at first as this will change the more you use it.

Advantage: Penomet, slightly (I just like the comfort of the Penomet Premium)


I prefer the Penomet Premium for style, but it is larger than any Bathmate products, so if you travel a lot and plan to take your penis enlargement pump with you, you may want to consider a smaller product, such as the Bathmate.

For comfort, Bathmate offers ‘comfort rings’ for some of their products and the Penomet does not. In reality, though, these comfort rings do nothing to help comfort and in fact can cause the pump to leak, which loses pressure. I prefer the Penomet because it was designed without the need for a comfort ring.

Advantage: Penomet

Other Factors

As both of these pumps are similar, you can’t go wrong with either one. I simply like the idea that Penomet can be used for any size you are, so you don’t have to worry about ‘outgrowing’ it.

Penomet Premium also comes with a decent cleaning solution to keep your pump in great shape for years to come.

Overall, Penomet hydro pump is the superior product and if you have the money to make that investment, it’s a smart choice.

Where to Buy Penomet in Australia?

Living in Australia, you are surrounded by some of the most incredible women in the world. As a guy, you want to impress in the bedroom, not just with your size but also with your stamina. Yet many men suffer from a lack of confidence when it comes to these two aspects of their manhood.

Or perhaps you’re a woman who wants her man to be a bit larger, to have more girth, and satisfy you in bed. There’s a simple solution and it’s called the Penomet penis enlargement pump. It’s the most innovative and effective hydro penis pump you can buy.

So Where Can You Buy it?

Available Online Only

The Penomet hydro pump is not available in any stores in Australia yet. In fact, it’s not available in any stores throughout the world. This revolutionary penis enhancement system is only available through the official Penomet website.

You may be wondering why a product so good, so innovative, and so effective is not available in stores in Australia. The reason is actually quite simple and it makes sense when you think about it.

The Unsurpassed Guarantee

Penomet offers a full 60 days money back guarantee on all of their penis enlargement systems sold through their website. That means if you’re not satisfied for any reason within the first year of owning this amazing penis pump, simply return it for a full refund.

By offering it for sale only through their website, Penomet makes it simple to track who actually purchased the penis pump and when.

There are also a lot of imitations out there promising the same results, but only the Penomet penis enlargement system delivers the results you’ve been looking for.

So whether you’re a guy who wants to add a few inches in length or last longer in the bedroom, or you’re a woman looking for the perfect gift for your ‘average’ man, the Penomet hydro penis pump is the best choice.

Purchase yours today at and be the talk of Australia within a few weeks. Guys, you’ll be walking with a swagger soon enough and the ladies won’t be able to resist you!

Should You Buy Penomet?

If you are a guy, then you already know that there are plenty of different products available that promise to help you have a larger and stronger penis.

The fact is that the majority of men are not happy with their size, no matter what that size actually is.

However, there are many different ways that you can increase your natural size and when you buy Penomet, you will have a safe and natural means of getting a larger penis without the use of medications or ineffective lotions and creams.

best male enlargement device results amazed

What Is Penomet?

When you buy Penomet, what you are getting is the modern version of the penis hydro pump.

It is designed in a unique fashion that sets it apart from other products, making it much safer and much more effective for men of all sizes.

The theory behind this product is that it forces more blood into your penis, which over time will help increase the size of all three chambers of your penis, resulting in firmer, longer-lasting erections in addition to an increase in overall size.

How Does This Work?

Penomet use is water dynamics to create a unique kind of vacuum in which your penis can grow through the use of natural compression.

This is absolutely safe for all aspects of your penis, and is not paid for damaging in any way like other pumps can be.woman pleasure penomet enlarged size

What a lot of guys like about this product is that it can be used in the bathtub or shower, or just on its own and you will still get the same effective increase in size.

While a lot of men find this product extremely enjoyable to use, it is important to remember that there is also an exercise routine that goes along with it.

By following the routine on a regular basis, and alternating the ways in which you use this, you will get the best possible increase in size.

Many men find that they are able to increase their length buying inch or 2 inches in a matter of months, which is more than enough to make a real difference in how you feel about yourself.

What Do the Reviews Say About Penomet?

Obviously, this is a product that not a lot of guys are going to want to talk about, but there are still quite a few testimonials online for this product that were written by real men who have used it for themselves.

“I have never been happy with my size, and I have tried a lot of different products over the years. I decided to buy Penomet at the recommendation of my doctor, and I have been nothing but pleased with the results.”

–        Stephen, UK (Testimony from company website)

“I have tried nutritional supplements and creams to help me get a bigger penis, but nothing really worked. Within a few weeks, I could definitely tell the difference with Penomet.”

–        Dave, TN (Testimony from company website)

Not every guy who uses this would be classified as “small”, but some guys are, and many of these men found that this product was able to completely change their life in a matter of weeks or months.

“My size is always been something that has helped me back. I felt uncomfortable and embarrassed – but not anymore. Finally I am the man I have always wanted to be.”

–        Peter, NC (Testimony from company website)

Where Should You Buy Penomet Hydro Pump?

This is not the kind of product that most guys would feel comfortable buying in person, and so it should come as no surprise that it is order penomet official websitesold online only.

While you may feel a little suspicious buying a product like this online, you will get a 60 days money back guarantee as well as a lifetime replacement warranty on the gaiter that is perhaps the most important aspect of this product.

In addition to this being billed in shipped to you discreetly, it will also be shipped out the same day that you order, so there won’t be a long period of time that you have to wait to get started on your new growth, and no one will know that you have ordered it.

Is Penomet Right for You?

Even if you have used a traditional air pump or other type of water pump in the past, you should see a significantly larger increase by using Penomet Hydro pump.

When you buy Penomet, you will be getting a guaranteed product that has been proven safe and effective, and is often recommended by doctors. With proper use and by following the instructions that are included with the product, you should have no problem reaching your ultimate size.

Once you do, you may continue to use the product or if you choose not to, you should still remain at your increased size.