Penomet Gaiters – What Makes them Better?

Penomet offers five different gaiters to choose from and each of them are designed for different size penises. So, what makes the Penomet gaiters better than any other type of gaiter system for penis pumps on the market?

For starters, each of the Penomet gaiters were specifically designed to produce a different amount of pressure and ‘pull,’ which is essential to encourage penis growth. Another advantage of the Penomet gaiters is that they are simple to use and beginners, as well as more experience users, will have no trouble using them.

Different Forces

However, the key difference with the Penomet gaiters is that there are different levels that will produce variations in pressure. Most penis pumps only provide one gaiter or one setting, which limits the results and ends up taking much longer to achieve the same results that one would find with the Penomet hydro pump.

The Penomet gaiters that are available are:

  • Force 60

  • Force 65

  • Force 70 (which comes with the Penomet Standard)

  • Force 75

  • Force 80

As is clearly discernible, the force ratings are simple to understand; the higher the number, the more force that’s generated.

How do these Penomet Gaiters Work?

The Penomet hydro pump was designed with the basic notion that with the right level of force, the muscles in the penis will be forced to expand slightly, adding length and girth in a matter of days, not weeks or months. It was also important to the designers of the pump to minimize discomfort while encouraging maximum growth.

As more water is forced from the Penomet device, the penis is encouraged to expand. The gaiters used by Penomet ensure a balance of pressure between the water and hydro force, so that the penis will not be forced into unsafe pressure zones.

With conventional air pumps, the pressure is not maintained uniformly, so penis does not expand at the same rate as pressure in the pump would allow. Using Penomet gaiters and hydro system allows the penis to achieve maximum results with little discomfort. This allows the best results in shortest period of time.

You can graduate from one Penomet gaiter to the next until you achieve the size you want. When you’re ready to change your sex life and impress your partner with your added size and stamina, order the Penomet penis enlargement system today at